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I started this blog back on 9 May 2015 with the idea to use this as a reference tool for myself to document technologies and issues that me and my team experienced in the work place. The blog has become one of my main resources when it comes to educating the individuals in my team. Without planning for it the blog became a very good representation of my skills, knowledge, technologies and experience.

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The hidden monolith.

Micro-services is the latest architecture style that everyone is employing. I have noticed some variations on attempts at implementing micro-services and while I can not say these styles are completely wrong I can say that they are not true micro-services. In the article that follows I will be showing some of the drawbacks to these architecture… Read More »

Memory leak within WCF?

Memory leak within WCF? So yesterday my team had to trace a possible memory issue within our application. We used the built in memory tools within Visual Studio and identified that the ‘leak’ was within our WCF infrastructure. What was strange was that the problem came from the System.ServiceModel.Channels.BufferManager which is native .net code… So how… Read More »