An epic tale about a WS-Federation battle

By | Jun 6, 2015

There I stood, alone in the dark, Linkin Park playing in the distance.

Armed with Vittorio’s WIF book, my experience and limited knowledge fighting for the honor of Assima. I confronted the beast that wanted to see me fail.

It stood there with rage in its eyes, it hated me. I felt its hate burning into my soul but i stood my ground. The battle was fierce, neither backing down. The beast was relentless evading every attempt I made at it, it drew blood. I was wounded, I was broken, it was 2 am.

I stood there broken, burned, exhausted. Would I be able to defeat it? Doubt set in.

I had to draw deep. It took all my skill, all my courage, a final strike, it is dead.

From the ashes of the battle I was reborn, the ultimate WS-federation warrior. Viva dual authentication mode, long live Assima.

Im coming home my love…sit die kettel so lank aan.

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