Assima and Partner one capital retrenched me!

By | Feb 28, 2019

After 9 years of loyal work at Assima, me and all my colleagues at the Cape Town branch have been illegally retrenched. Partner one capital bought over Assima PLC in December 2018 and its them that took this action.

  • We received notice of retrenchment at the end of January 2019 from Assima PLC not from Assima South Africa.
  • According to the South African law there is suppose to be a duration of negotiation – this did not happen.
  • We where suppose to get 1 week pay for every year worked – this did not happen.
  • We where suppose to get our leave paid out to us – This did not happen.
  • We received 30 days notice – that’s all.

I managed to secure myself a new position in the 30 days. Thank God I took all my leave in December.

All the best to all.

PS – Since Assima PLC and Partner one capital is outside South Africa and the South Africa entity has no assets we the employees had no legal recourse.

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