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Agile is not a silver bullet.

I have noticed time and time again that the business side of an organization are often the biggest hurdle and obstacle in a company when it comes to leverage the power of IT. Agile is viewed as  the silver bullet or the hammer to all your problems.  As there is a correct tool for every… Read More »

The hidden monolith.

The hidden monolith I decided to start an article based on the “Hidden monolith”. Micro-services are the latest architecture style that everyone is employing. Often companies hear the new buzz word “Micro services” and say – “We must do that” … and when you start to analyze their system you realize… they got it a… Read More »

Beware of the ‘COOL’.

The word ‘COOL’ will be used to describe the latest tech hype item in the article below. Often I see the ‘COOL’ – coding features / models, components, technology or applications being used simply cause its the latest ‘COOL’ thing around.