The queue does not exist

By | Nov 13, 2015

“The queue does not exist or you do not have sufficient permissions”

If you get the following error with MSMQ it might be that your MSMQ is not correctly installed or that you have not provided the correct permissions when the queues where created.

MSMQ_The queue does not exist or you do not have sufficient permissions

With MSMQ 3.0 and earlier, creating a queue would assign “Send Message” rights to the “Everyone role” by default but since MSMQ 4.0 the “everyone” role no longer assigns permission for “Send Message”.


There are however exceptions when the following conditions are met

  • MSMQ 4.0 is installed
  • Active directory domain service integration is NOT installed
  • HTTP support is enabled
  • Multicasting support is enabled

then MSMQ 4.0 will behave like MSMQ 3.0 and automatically add “Send Message” rights to the “Everyone role”

Below is the program feature options for MSMQ. Showing where to enable the features.



Default MSMQ queue permissions have changed in MSMQ 4.0

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