Routing engine: Library to identify, validate, transform and deliver messages.

By | Feb 27, 2021

A group of people that I know had a need to receive files, identify what they getting, validate it and then to transform it and deliver it to another system. I was convinced this could be done with a generic library and so I set out and coded this. I call it a Routing engine. Hope it gets used if not…ah well I had fun doing this.

This C# library allows one to define your own rules to:

  • Identify a message based on content or source
  • Validate the content
  • Transform the content to multiple others formats
  • Deliver the content to multiple other locations Folder, Ftp or any mechanism you wish to use by extending the library.

The library is fully extensible and free to use and comes with its own Hello world console application to show how to use it. Download it here, enjoy.



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