The cowboy coder.

By | Jul 2, 2017

Sometimes you meet a coder from the wild west. He is highly prized by business and despised by his peers – enter the cowboy coder!

  • Usually home grown.
  • Works alone.
  • Pushes features out at a tremendous rate.
  • Hates process.
  • Lives for the lime light and pleasing his superiors.
  • Does not believe in structure or design. Design and testing is for the weak. Action now – action always!
  • He is the klingon coder with the keyboard of the warrior coder, kahless.
  • This guys knows all the shortcuts and have explanations and arguments for everything.
  • In reality only knows enough about each topic to be dangerous.
  • You are questioning his honor by reviewing or testing his work.
  • Testers quiver in fear to log a bug in his name.
  • His work is kept together with magic from the dark arts.
  • No one wants to work in his domain.
  • No one can work in his domain.
  • Business fears for the day he leaves.
  • Once he leaves, his work becomes monuments, everyone hoping it will withstand the winds of time.
  • but…. Business loves him.

Does this sound like someone you know?

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