What is Docker?

By | Sep 20, 2018

Docker is the latest technology to hit the I.T. industry but what is it? Before the realization of the cloud every software company had to develop their own method to deploy their software. This was costly to do and took up many resources and time. Docker is a standardized method to deploy software using containers. In the article that follows Ill give a basic overview of what Docker is.

When you hear the word Docker then you will also hear the words Images and containers. What is an image and what is a container?


A Docker image is the blue print or definition needed to build a instance of the container. Containers are instantiated by the Docker Daemon from the the Docker Image and are responsible for starting up move and shutting down of containers. The containers can be compared to small little virtual machines but there is a difference.


Where the difference comes in is that containers do no run their own operating systems. Containers are managed by the Docker Daemon and the containers run in process on the host operating system. Docker Containers runs naively on Linux and Windows Host operating systems. The latest supported Windows operating system is Windows Server 2016.

That concludes my basic overview of docker.


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