Writing my own Xonix game.

By | Sep 25, 2018

A few months ago I took on a little side project to try and write my own version of a classic game from the 80’s – Xonix. I have worked on and off on it since then, more off than on and spent a total of 7 days on it.

This little game has given me new respect for game developers. I know that this little game can not compare at all with the game titles from today but it was not as easy to do as I thought it would be… Working with x,y and z coordinates can get a bit confusing at times if you are not use to it and I am not even talking about writing the collision engine or physics for this little game.

When I started this project I did not want to use any gaming engine or existing game libraries and wanted to go through the pain of doing it all myself. This was a project to figure out how they do it…. the gaming devs.

On the left is the little project written in C#. I started with some basic design and structuring the solution. I started with a generic game framework that in theory I should be able to re-use with any 2D game. From there I wrote the 2D Canvas and all the drawing magic that goes with it.

My next step is to take this little game and add a Xamarin Client while re-using the majority of code. The only code that should change should be the Client and Infrastructure libraries.




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