Who am I?

I am a husband, father, gardener, fish keeper and weekend warrior cyclist. In my professional capacity I am a Cloud Architect and have the responsibility for security, infrastructure and deployment of a product. As part of my role I manage a small team of system administrators and software developers.

My roots are firmly based within software engineering and engineering practices. What do i mean with software engineering? There is a difference between a software engineer and a developer.

A software engineer takes a problem / business requirement, research, plan, design and implement the best technical solution to fit the business requirement while considering future maintainability, scalability and extensibility while a developer does the task assigned to him as quickly as possible without thinking about the larger issues at hand and within 2 years business  finds itself in a situation that the code they paid for needs a major rework to deal with some variation.

I am a firm believer that a engineer should strive to understand the inner workings of the technology that he works with. The more in depth a understanding you have the better a engineer you will be.

It is difficult to put me in a box and say “This is what I can do as a person” as technology and requirements change every year, my skills change. In the end I help engineer sustainable business solutions.


I have 20+ years experience working mainly on back end systems using Microsoft development languages although I owe my OO foundation to Delphi and Pascal. I have been privileged to work for companies that valued technical knowledge and had a strong focus on planning, design and implementation.

I have worked on several types of application through the years ranging from stand-alone desktop application, client server applications, web applications, mobile applications and Enterprise level SOA based cloud solutions.


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