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Every now and again I write about topics and observations I make in the software development industry. These topics are driven by my passion for the software industry.


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Agile, the castration of IT

I have noticed time and time again that managers within the business side of an organisation are often the biggest hurdle and obstacle in a company when it comes to leverage the power of IT as they have bought completely into Agile, the silver bullet, the hammer to all your problems. This is the reason… Read More »

The hidden monolith.

The hidden monolith I decided to start an article based on the “Hidden monolith”. Micro-services are the latest architecture style that everyone is employing. Often companies hear the new buzz word “Micro services” and say – “We must do that” … and when you start to analyze their system you realize… they got it a… Read More »

Beware of the ‘COOL’.

The word ‘COOL’ will be used to describe the latest tech hype item in the article below. Often I see the ‘COOL’ – coding features / models, components, technology or applications being used simply cause its the latest ‘COOL’ thing around.