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The discovery of Solr

A few months ago an architect at the company where I work, Shaun Kiesewetter introduced Solr to the rest of the architects during one of our meetings. Solr is a fast enterprise level search platform. It comes with its own syntax, indexing and its search ability is lightning fast. We had search functionality in our application… Read More »

What is OWIN?

A few posts back I was looking at OAuth and I stumbled onto some posts with references to this thing called OWIN. Initially I thought it was a framework that wrapped OAuth to make it easier to use but it turned out to be a hosting solution with support for middleware. 

WCF Connection Test Utility

I wrote this wcf connection test utility because sometimes you need to configure and troubleshoot different service setups and just need a quick utility to answer the question is the service there and can you connect to it?